Business Services
Start a New Business
Click on the icon to form your new business and to file Articles electronically.
File an Annual Report
File or prepare an Annual Report for a business entity registered in the State of South Dakota.
File a Registered Agent Statement of Change
File or prepare a Statement of Change Form to update or change the registered agent for a South Dakota business.
Prepare a Reinstatement
Prepare a reinstatement for a South Dakota business that has been Administratively Dissolved. PLEASE NOTE: All past due Annual Reports will need to be filed and a Tax Clearance Form from the Department of Revenue will be required in order to reinstate.
Doing Business As (DBA) - Business Name Registry
Doing Business As (DBA) Name Registrations, Renewals, Amendments and Cancellations.
Frequently Asked Questions
Search For A Business
Search for a business by business name or Secretary of State Business ID number in order to file annual reports and other amendments or to view the business detail.
Name Availability Search
Search the business services database to determine if a business name is available.
Search For Registered Agents
Search for a registered agent in order to see agent information on file with the Secretary of State as well as a listing of businesses represented by each agent.
Search For Trademarks
Search for a trademark in order to see trademark information on file with the Secretary of State.
Certificates of Good Standing
Request, pay for, receive, and/or verify a Certificate of Good Standing online.
Request Certified Copies
Request Certified Copies of a business entities documents that are on file with the Secretary of State and immediately download upon payment.
Request to Download the Business Services Database
File a request to download the Business Services database.
Print Paper Business Forms
Complete any of the above items by using a printable form that is then mailed to our office. Some filings will require an additional $15 paper filing fee to process in our office.
Pre-paid PAD Account Only
DO NOT access if you DO NOT have a Pre-paid Account. Please login below to access your Pre-paid account and begin filing your documents.